Tennessee Vehicle Titles

Signing a Vehicle Title in Tennessee – Private Party Sale

When selling a vehicle privately in Tennessee, it is important to properly sign over the vehicle title to the new owner. The following instructions will guide you through the process:

1. Complete the Seller Section:

a. On the front of the Tennessee vehicle title, locate the “Seller’s Signature” section.

b. Print your name as it appears on the front of the title, in the “Printed Name of Seller” field.

c. Sign your name exactly as it appears on the front of the title, in the “Seller’s Signature” field.

d. Provide your current residential address (street, city, state, and ZIP code) in the “Address” field.

e. Enter the sale date in the “Date” field (day, month, year).

2. Provide the Odometer Reading:

a. Fill in the odometer reading accurately in the designated Odometer Disclosure section.

b. Only fill this section if the vehicle is less than ten (10) years old.

3. Provide the Buyer Information:

a. On the back of the Tennessee vehicle title, the new owner (buyer) must complete the “Transferee Section.”

b. The buyer should write their full name, address, and driver’s license number in the appropriate fields.

4. Additional Requirements:

a. Bill of Sale: While not required by the state, it is highly recommended that you and the buyer complete a Bill of Sale.

– Include vehicle details (make, model, year, VIN, etc.).

– State the sales price and indicate that it is “as-is” or any specific warranties.

– Both parties should sign and retain a copy for their records.

After completing these steps, the buyer will need to take the signed title and any other necessary documents to their local county clerk’s office to transfer ownership officially. As the seller, it is essential to remove your license plates from the vehicle and cancel the insurance to avoid liability issues.

Please note: If a lienholder is listed on the front of the title certificate, there are additional steps to follow. Consult the Tennessee Department of Revenue or the respective lienholder for guidance.

For more information or specific questions regarding the vehicle title transfer process in Tennessee, reach out to the Tennessee Department of Revenue or visit their website.

Remember, it is always advisable to consult and follow the guidelines provided by the appropriate state authorities to ensure a smooth and legally compliant private party vehicle sale.

Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles