Pennsylvania Vehicle Titles

Signing a vehicle title when selling a vehicle in Pennsylvania requires following a specific set of instructions. Here are the steps involved in signing the title correctly, as well as information about whether a Bill of Sale is required.

1. Seller Responsibilities:

a. Fill in the required information on the back of the title accurately. This includes the seller’s printed name(s), address, date of sale, and sale price of the vehicle.

b. If there is a lienholder involved, the seller must satisfy the lien before the sale or obtain a properly executed lien release letter from the lienholder.

2. Buyer Responsibilities:

a. Verify that all the seller’s information is accurately filled out on the title before completing the purchase.

b. Ensure the title is completely filled out by the seller before signing anything.

3. Seller and Buyer Signatures:

a. The seller(s) must sign their name(s) on the “Seller’s Signature(s)” line(s) on the back of the title.

b. The signatures must be consistent with the printed names provided and must match all owner(s) listed on the front of the title.

4. Notary Public:

a. Although not required, it is strongly recommended to have the signatures on the title notarized.

b. The notary can be found at various locations, such as banks, insurance agencies, and public offices.

5. Odometer Disclosure:

a. Fill in the odometer reading accurately on the space provided on the back of the title.

b. Federal law requires the disclosure of the vehicle’s mileage at the time of sale, unless the vehicle is being sold and is over ten years old.

6. Bill of Sale:

a. While not required in Pennsylvania, it is highly recommended to create a Bill of Sale as a documentation of the sale agreement between the buyer and seller.

b. The Bill of Sale should include the vehicle identification number (VIN), date of sale, purchase price, seller’s and buyer’s names and addresses, and a statement that the vehicle is being sold “as is.”

Note: Although this guide provides instructions on how to sign a vehicle title in Pennsylvania, it is always advisable to consult the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) or visit their official website to ensure compliance with any recent updates or changes in regulations.

Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles