Oregon Vehicle Titles

Instructions for signing a vehicle title in Oregon when selling a vehicle private party:

1. Seller’s Section:

a. On the front of the title, locate the “Seller’s Printed Name” field and print your full name as it appears on the title.

b. Find the “Seller’s Signature” field and sign your name exactly as it appears on the title.

c. Enter the date of the sale in the “Date” field.

2. Buyer’s Section:

a. Instruct the buyer to fill out their name and address in the “Buyer’s Printed Name” and “Buyer’s Address” fields on the back of the title.

3. Odometer Disclosure Statement (ODS):

a. On vehicles less than ten years old, both the seller and the buyer must fill out the Odometer Disclosure Statement (ODS) completely. This verifies the vehicle’s current mileage.

b. Fill in the mileage reading accurately in the “Current Odometer Reading” field.

c. Both the seller and buyer need to sign and date the ODS.

4. Secure Payment:

a. It is recommended to receive full payment from the buyer before signing the title.

b. Consider accepting a cashier’s check, money order, or a verified electronic payment method.

5. Bill of Sale (optional but recommended):

a. Although not required by the State of Oregon, it is advisable to create a Bill of Sale to document the sale details.

b. Include the vehicle’s year, make, model, VIN, sale price, names of the buyer and seller, and the date of sale.

c. Both the buyer and seller should sign and date the Bill of Sale.

6. Remove License Plates and Submit Release of Liability:

a. The seller should remove their license plates from the vehicle before handing it over to the buyer.

b. After the sale, visit Oregon’s Department of Transportation (DMV) website and complete a Release of Liability form.

c. This prevents any future liability or penalties associated with the vehicle from being attributed to the seller.

Remember to keep a copy of the signed title, Bill of Sale (if applicable), and any other relevant documentation for your records. It is advisable to consult the Oregon DMV website or contact them directly for any specific questions or additional requirements.

Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles