New Jersey Vehicle Titles

How to Sign a Vehicle Title in New Jersey for a Private Party Sale

1. Check for Title Ownership: Ensure that you, as the seller, are the sole owner of the vehicle and have the title document in your possession. If there is a lienholder mentioned on the title, contact the lienholder to determine the appropriate steps for transferring ownership.

2. Complete the Seller’s Information: On the back of the title document, locate the “Seller’s Information” section and fill it out accurately. Provide your full legal name, address, and date of sale. You may also be required to provide your driver’s license number.

3. Record the Odometer Reading: In the “Odometer Disclosure Statement” section on the back of the title, record the vehicle’s current mileage accurately. Both the seller and the buyer must sign and date this section.

4. Obtain the Buyer’s Information: Ask the buyer to complete the “Buyer’s Information” section on the back of the title. They should provide their full legal name, address, and driver’s license number. If there are multiple buyers, ensure that each buyer’s information is accurately recorded.

5. Bill of Sale: While it is not required by the state, it is highly recommended to create a Bill of Sale as a proof of transaction for both the seller and the buyer for private party sales.

6. Transfer of Title: Once all the necessary information is completed on the title document, the buyer should take possession of the signed title. As the seller, it is crucial to retain a photocopy or photograph of the title and Bill of Sale for your records.

7. Cancel License Plates: As the seller, it is your responsibility to remove and cancel the license plates from the vehicle. New Jersey law requires surrendering the plates to the MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission). Bring the plates to any local MVC office, mail them to the MVC, or use an online plate return service to inform the state that you are no longer responsible for those plates.

8. Notify the MVC: To protect yourself from potential liability, complete the Notice of Transfer section on the front of the title or report the sale online (if available) within ten days of the sale. This notifies the MVC that you are no longer the owner of the vehicle.

Remember to consult the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) for any additional instructions or changes in the process.

New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles