New Hampshire Vehicle Titles

Instructions for Signing a Vehicle Title in New Hampshire (Private Party Sale)

Selling a vehicle privately in New Hampshire requires the proper signing of the vehicle title. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1. Locate the Vehicle Title: Before the sale, make sure you have the vehicle’s title document. This is usually issued by the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and given to the vehicle’s current owner. The title should be free of any liens or outstanding loans.

2. Owner Information: On the front side of the title, find the section titled “Transfer by Owner.” Fill in the required information, which includes the seller’s full legal name, complete address, and the date of sale.

3. Odometer Disclosure: The seller must provide an accurate odometer reading in the designated section labeled “Odometer Disclosure Statement.” This includes the vehicle’s current mileage at the time of sale. If the vehicle is over 10 years old or exceeds its mechanical limits, check the box indicating the actual mileage is unknown.

4. Seller’s Signature: In the section titled “Seller’s Signature,” sign your full legal name exactly as it appears on the title. The signature must be in ink and legible. Do not sign in advance; wait to sign in the presence of the buyer.

5. Buyer Information: The buyer needs to complete their information on the back of the title. This includes their full legal name, complete address, and the purchase price of the vehicle.

6. Vehicle Transfer Notification: The buyer should detach the Vehicle Transfer Notification section located at the bottom of the title. This section includes the buyer’s information, vehicle identification number (VIN), indicated sale price, and date of purchase.

7. Bill of Sale: Although not legally required in New Hampshire, it is highly recommended to provide a Bill of Sale for your private party transaction. This document acts as a legal record of the sale and includes details such as buyer/seller information, vehicle details, sale price, and the date of sale. Both the buyer and seller should retain a copy of the Bill of Sale for their records.

8. Submitting the Title: Once the title is signed by the seller and buyer, the buyer must take the title to the New Hampshire DMV to complete the transfer process within 10 days of the sale. The buyer is responsible for paying any applicable fees and taxes to register the newly acquired vehicle.

Remember, these instructions are intended as a general guide, and it is recommended to consult the New Hampshire DMV or a legal professional for any specific questions or concerns regarding the private party sale of a vehicle.

New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles