Nebraska Vehicle Titles

To sign a vehicle title in Nebraska when selling a vehicle privately, please follow these steps:

1. Review the Nebraska Certificate of Title: Carefully examine the front side of the vehicle title to ensure all necessary information is filled out correctly. It includes the vehicle identification number (VIN), make, model, year, color, and the current owner’s name and address.

2. Seller’s Information: As the seller, fill in your name, address, and the odometer reading accurately in the designated sections on the front side of the title.

3. Purchaser’s Information: In the “Buyer” section on the front side of the title, provide the name and address of the buyer (the person purchasing the vehicle). Ensure that this information is legible and accurate.

4. Date of Sale: Write the date of the sale in the appropriate section on the front side of the title.

5. Sale Price: Fill in the sale price of the vehicle in the designated area on the front side of the title. Specify the amount both numerically and in writing.

6. Secure a Bill of Sale: While not required by Nebraska law, it is highly recommended to complete a Bill of Sale. It acts as a legal record of the transaction, protecting both buyer and seller. The Bill of Sale should include the vehicle’s details (make, model, year, color, and VIN), the sale price, buyer and seller information, date of sale, and signatures of both parties. Keep a copy for your records.

7. Seller’s Signature: Sign your name in the seller’s signature section on the front side of the title. Use the name exactly as it appears on the front side of the title. Ensure your signature is consistent with your legal signature.

8. Buyer’s Signature: Ensure the buyer signs their name on the front side of the title in the appropriate buyer’s signature section. The buyer’s signature should match their legal signature.

9. Hand over the Title: Once the title is properly signed by both parties, it should be given to the buyer.

10. Keep Documentation: As the seller, it is important to retain a copy of the signed title for your records. It is also advisable to keep a copy of the Bill of Sale, as well as any other relevant paperwork related to the transaction.

Remember, this guide serves as a general reference and it is recommended to consult the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles or seek legal advice for specific questions or concerns regarding vehicle title transfers.

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles