Missouri Vehicle Titles

To sign a vehicle title in Missouri when selling a vehicle privately, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Seller Instructions:

– As the seller, find the original vehicle title, which should be signed and assigned to you by the previous owner, if applicable. If you have any liens on the vehicle, ensure you have the lien release statement from the lienholder.

– Make sure to remove the license plates from the vehicle. In Missouri, license plates stay with the owner, not the vehicle.

2. Buyer Instructions:

– As the buyer, ensure that the seller has appropriately completed their part in signing the title and that the seller’s information is accurate and matches their identification.

– Request the seller to provide a signed and dated Bill of Sale. Although not required by the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR), it serves as additional proof of purchase and helps protect the buyer and seller.

3. Seller and Buyer Instructions:

– Fill out the necessary information on the vehicle title:

– On the front side of the title, fill in the following details:

– Date of sale: The date when the vehicle is being sold.

– Sale price: The amount for which the vehicle is being sold.

– Seller’s information: Full legal name, complete address, and signature.

– Buyer’s information: Full legal name, complete address, and signature.

– Odometer reading: Write down the current mileage reading from the vehicle’s odometer.

– Damage disclosure: Disclose any damage known to the vehicle that affects its operation, such as being salvaged, rebuilt, or having a flood or hail damage history.

– On the back of the title:

– Seller’s assignment and release: Fill in the buyer’s information.

– Odometer disclosure statement: Provide the mileage at the time of sale and sign the statement.

4. Seller and Buyer Instructions:

– Complete a Missouri Notice of Sale (Form 5049), also known as a DOR Notice of Sale or Transfer.

– The seller must fill out and submit this form to the Missouri DOR within 30 days of the sale to protect themselves from potential liability.

– The buyer can fill out a Change of Ownership/Reassignment (Form 4809) if they want to expedite the title transfer process.

5. Seller Instructions:

– Keep a copy of the signed title and the Bill of Sale for your records.

– Submit the Notice of Sale to the Missouri DOR by mailing it to the address provided on the form.

6. Buyer Instructions:

– Obtain insurance for the newly acquired vehicle.

– Visit your local Missouri DOR office with the signed title, Bill of Sale (if available), Notice of Sale (Form 5049), and identification (e.g., driver’s license).

– Pay the required fees, including the title transfer fee, registration fee, and any applicable sales tax.

Remember, it’s always a good practice for both the buyer and seller to keep copies of all relevant documents for future reference or potential conflicts.

For any specific questions or additional information, refer to the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) website or contact your nearest Missouri DOR office.

Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles