Colorado Vehicle Titles

How to Sign a Vehicle Title in Colorado for a Private Party Sale

When selling a vehicle privately in Colorado, it is important to properly sign the vehicle title to ensure a smooth and legal transaction. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to sign the title:

1. Obtain the Vehicle Title: The current owner, also known as the seller, must have the original vehicle title in their possession. Make sure that the title is in your name and all previous fields are properly filled out. If you have misplaced the title, you will need to request a duplicate from the Colorado Department of Revenue prior to selling the vehicle.

2. Prepare a Bill of Sale (Optional): Although not legally required, it is highly recommended to complete a Bill of Sale for both the buyer and seller’s records. The Bill of Sale serves as a written agreement confirming the transfer of ownership and should include key details such as the vehicle identification number (VIN), sale price, buyer and seller’s names and contact information, and the date of sale.

3. Provide Required Information: On the front of the vehicle title, the seller needs to complete the following sections:

a. Vehicle Information: Fill out the vehicle make, model, year, body type, and color.

b. Odometer Disclosure: Accurately record the vehicle’s current mileage at the time of sale in the Odometer Disclosure section. This is mandatory for vehicles under ten years old and weighing less than 16,000 pounds.

c. Seller’s Information: Sign and print your name as the seller in the designated spaces provided. Make sure to match your name as it appears on the front of the title and include the date of sale.

4. Hand Over the Title: Once the title is fully filled out by the seller, it should be given to the buyer. Ensure that both parties agree on the completed details before proceeding.

5. Secure Payment: The buyer should provide the agreed upon payment to the seller. Accepted forms of payment may include cash, check, or money order. For security reasons, it is recommended to meet the buyer at a bank or financial institution to complete the transaction.

6. Complete the Bill of Sale (Optional): If a Bill of Sale was prepared, both the buyer and seller should sign and date the document, acknowledging its contents. Each party should retain a copy of the signed Bill of Sale for their records.

7. Release of Liability: The seller must notify the Colorado Department of Revenue of the vehicle transfer within five calendar days by completing the Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability online at or by mailing it to the address specified on the form. This informs the department that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle.

Remember, these instructions are provided as a guide for signing a vehicle title during a private party sale in Colorado. It is recommended to consult with the Colorado Department of Revenue or seek legal advice for specific questions or concerns regarding the vehicle transfer process.

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