Arkansas Vehicle Titles

Signing a Vehicle Title in Arkansas for a Private Party Sale

1. Obtain the Vehicle Title:

– As the seller, locate the vehicle title certificate for the vehicle you intend to sell.

– Ensure that the title is in your name and that there are no liens or outstanding loans on the vehicle.

2. Complete the Assignment of Title section:

– On the back of the title, find the “Assignment of Title” section.

– Fill out the seller’s information, which includes your full legal name, current address, and date of sale.

– Write the vehicle’s current mileage accurately.

3. Provide the Buyer’s Information:

– Enter the buyer’s complete legal name and current address in the corresponding fields.

– If there are multiple buyers, ensure that each buyer’s information is entered correctly.

4. Sales Price and Odometer Disclosure:

– State the exact amount for which you are selling the vehicle in the “Sales Price” field.

– Complete the “Odometer Disclosure” section accurately if the vehicle is less than 10 years old and weighs less than 16,000 pounds. Provide the current mileage.

– Both the seller and buyer must sign and date the odometer disclosure section.

5. Secure a Bill of Sale (optional, but recommended):

– Though not legally required in Arkansas, it’s advisable to create a Bill of Sale that includes details of the transaction.

– The Bill of Sale should include the buyer and seller’s names, vehicle description, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), sales price, date of sale, and both parties’ signatures.

– This document can provide evidence of the sale and protect both parties from any future disputes or claims.

6. Sign the Title:

– Once you have completed the necessary sections, sign your name in the “Seller’s Signature” field exactly as it appears on the front of the title.

– The buyer should sign their name in the “Buyer’s Signature” field, again using their official signature.

7. Finalize the Sale:

– As the seller, you should double-check that all required sections are correctly filled out, signed, and dated.

– Provide the signed vehicle title to the buyer.

– Keep a copy of both the signed title and Bill of Sale (if applicable) for your records.

8. Notify the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicle:

– As the seller, complete and submit a Notice of Sale within 30 calendar days of the date of sale to the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicle via their online portal or by mail.

– This step will help protect you from any future liability associated with the vehicle, as ownership will be transferred officially.

Remember, it’s always beneficial to consult the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicle or a legal professional to ensure you comply with all state-specific requirements and regulations when selling a vehicle privately.

Arkansas Department of Motor Vehicles