Arizona Vehicle Titles

To sign a vehicle title in Arizona when selling a vehicle privately, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Locate the seller’s section on the front of the title document. It is usually labeled as “Seller” or “Transferor” and includes spaces to fill in personal information.

2. Fill in your full legal name (as it appears on your ID or driver’s license) in the space provided for the seller’s name.

3. Enter your complete address (including city, state, and ZIP code) in the space provided for the seller’s address.

4. Write the date of the vehicle sale in the designated space. You can use either the numerical format (MM/DD/YYYY) or the written format (Month, Day, Year).

5. Include the vehicle sale price in the appropriate space. Enter the amount in both numerical and written formats to avoid errors.

6. Provide an accurate vehicle mileage at the time of the sale. Fill in the odometer reading in the space labeled “odometer disclosure” or “seller’s disclosure of mileage.”

7. Look for any additional fields specific to your vehicle, such as emission information or damage disclosure. Fill them out accordingly if required.

8. Double-check all the information you have entered for accuracy and make sure your handwriting is legible. Mistakes or illegible handwriting can cause delays in the ownership transfer process.

9. Flip the title over to the backside and sign your name in the space provided for the “seller’s signature.” This signature must match the one on your ID or driver’s license.

10. If there is more than one owner listed on the front of the title, each owner must sign the back of the title individually.

11. As the seller, it is highly recommended to provide a Bill of Sale to the buyer for both parties’ protection. Although it is not legally required in Arizona, a Bill of Sale documents the sale details, including the vehicle’s description, sale price, and any warranties or conditions agreed upon.

12. Ensure that the buyer obtains their own vehicle history report and notarizes the Bill of Sale if necessary.

Remember, it is crucial to contact the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) or visit their official website to familiarize yourself with any updates or changes in the title signing process.

Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles