Alabama Vehicle Titles

Instructions for Signing a Vehicle Title in Alabama when Selling Private Party:

1. Locate the vehicle title: As the seller, you need to have the original vehicle title in your possession. Ensure it is signed and ready for transfer to the buyer.

2. Complete the “Assignment of Title” section: On the back of the title, you will find a section labeled “Assignment of Title.” Fill in the following details:

a. Date of sale: Write the date when the vehicle is being sold.

b. Seller’s printed name: Print your full legal name as it appears on the title.

c. Seller’s signature: Sign your name in the designated space. Ensure your signature matches the name printed above.

d. Seller’s address: Provide your complete residential address, including street, city, state, and ZIP code.

e. Seller’s driver’s license number: Write your driver’s license number. If you don’t have a driver’s license, you can use your state identification card number.

f. Seller’s state of issuance: Indicate the state where your driver’s license or identification card was issued.

g. Odometer reading: Record the current mileage of the vehicle accurately.

3. Complete the “Damage Disclosure” section (if applicable): If the vehicle is less than ten years old, Alabama law requires you to fill out the “Damage Disclosure” section. Disclose any known physical damage to the vehicle that exceeds 7.5% of its fair market value.

a. Describe the damage: Provide a brief description of the damage, such as “collision repair” or “flood damage.”

b. Date of damage: Specify the date when the damage occurred.

c. Odometer reading at the time of damage: Write down the mileage on the vehicle when the damage occurred.

4. Provide a Bill of Sale (recommended): Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended to create a Bill of Sale for the private sale of a vehicle in Alabama. This document protects both the buyer and the seller by establishing a clear record of the transaction. Include the following information in the Bill of Sale:

a. Full names and addresses of both the buyer and the seller.

b. Vehicle identification number (VIN) and license plate number.

c. Vehicle make, model, year, and color.

d. Sale price agreed upon by both parties.

e. Date of sale.

5. Have the buyer complete the title transfer: Once you have completed your parts of the title as the seller, hand it over to the buyer. The buyer will need to complete their information on the “Assignment of Title” section. Remind them to sign the title and promptly transfer it into their name.

6. Ensure the buyer registers the vehicle: As the seller, it is crucial to make sure the buyer registers the vehicle under their name with the Alabama Department of Revenue (DOR) within 20 calendar days from the date of purchase. This step relieves you from any liability associated with the vehicle.

Remember, these instructions are intended for private party sales in Alabama, and the process may vary if selling through a dealership or for specific vehicle types. Double-check with the Alabama Department of Revenue or consult legal advice if you have any doubts.

Alabama Department of Motor Vehicles